About me: I’m a transplant to this area of the country, have had a plethora of life-changing events happen over the last year or two, and am still trying to rediscover my “sea legs,” so to speak.  I usually have a strong opinion on controversial topics, I love things out of the norm, and have had a long-time love affair with anything related to the paranormal.  I love writing and have recently begun investigating a new writing project, and looking for opportunities for freelance writing copy-editing.  I fully support the belief that if one wants something badly enough, one will find a way to make it happen.   I love new experiences and new things, and parlay this interest into writing.  If something strikes me as intriguing, I will investigate and, usually, write about it.



  1. Hi there! I really like what you’ve selected to post on here. Would love to be able to talk to you about your ideas sometime! Keep it up!

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